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Turystykaczluchow.eu prepared for you based on the passion and experience grzybiarskie, trips to various corners of Czluchowski.

One thing is certain: we are not an ordinary travel agency, do not we offer a myriad of tourist attractions, but unlike others we can provide you with especially selected, tested, cozy and comfortable recreational. Our aim is customer satisfaction and organize wonderful, unforgettable trip on mushrooms, meet the requirements of both enthusiasts and beginners grzybiarskiej passion. Organizing trips to the mushrooms we provide a comprehensive service – grzybiarski package (accommodation, transport to places grzybnych,). We help you to make up for our e-booking system that configures the trip according to your wishes.

Grzybiarstwo is remarkable and great passion, and Western is the best place for its implementation: many, clean and rich in mushroom forests and enchanting wildlife and stunning forests rich fauna and flora. It’s an amazing place on earth – simply perfect for those who work for themselves, their relatives or friends seeking a relaxing in nature from the daily hustle and solicitation. Ideal especially for those who are pursuing their dreams and passions with a basket in her hand wish to deal with unusual specimens of mushrooms, boots and enjoy the enchanting beauty of nurseries want to stand eye to eye with a beautiful deer, zającymi and other great people of the forests.

Take advantage of special offers on tours grzybiarskie truly rich in emotions. We invite you to check our forests in the district Człuchówski and visit the places where resting in a comfortable environment you will be able to enjoy intercourse with soothing, pure nature. All those who decide to visit us unique part of Europe – Western assure that the days we spent not only provide unforgettable memories, but also allow you to really relax and enjoy the real peace and beauty of nature.

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