Family Raft

Family raft

The raft was built to spend time directly in the natural surroundings. 
Three bedrooms built on a raft allow you to comfortably spend time in
a group of 2 - 6 people. We offer a family raft trip from 1 to 10 days.
The raft, 7.5 x 2.5 m in size, is an unsinkable vessel.The possibility
of mooring in any place allows you to use time efficiently to photograph
nature or relax. Folding beds allow you to use the space during
the day for a place to sit and a garden table. Roll-up tent
roof allows you to use the sun and protects against rain. Our rafts are built differently than on the Biebrza River.
In place of a permanent house, we have built a tent roof, which
allows you to roll up the tent on sunny days. Everyone will find something for themselves on the raft.
Sun worshipers can sunbathe, while others, especially anglers,
will feel like "fish in the water". If you want to move on the raft, you should use push rods or
oars. Moving on a raft on a river or lake is an ideal form of
active recreation.
Raft equipment:
• A row of benches - folding beds built up with a folding 
tent. • A covered table with benches, which when folded creates
bedroom no.1. • Grill • Trap • Oars and pride • Safety vests • Lifebuoy • Mooring ropes • Pot with drinking water (30 liters) • "Kibelek" • Minesweeper • The ax • Brush for cleaning the deck • Anchor As part of the basic fee, we provide: • The launch of the raft and its collection At the request of our guests, for an additional fee, we
provide the following services: 1. Parking PLN 15 per day. 2. Breakfast / dinner PLN 25 per person. 3. Lunch 35 PLN / person * delivery to the station on the route 4. Accommodation 50 PLN / person (holiday cottages). 5. Campsite PLN 25 / person (shower included). 6. Possibility to light a fire PLN 25 / wheelbarrow of wood. 7. Renting canoes from 35 PLN to 55 PLN. 8. Fishing permit, price on request. 9. passenger transport PLN 300 You should take with you: • Sleeping bag and pillow • Sleeping mats or mattresses (max dimensions: 140 × 200 cm) • Own provisions • Dishes, pots, gas cooker • Raincoat • Sun protection and insect protection • Lighting (flashlights, glass candles) • Lighter, matches
• The rafts are launched and picked up from dawn to dusk at 
locations marked as stations • A maximum of 6 people can stay on one raft • When returning a dirty raft / kayak / canoe, a fee of
PLN 30 / unit will be charged. Our rafts are different from the Biebrza rafts.
First day
Every next day


430 PLN brutto 
(Transport + Floßabholung
und Crew
Transport inklusive) Kaution bei Anmietung des Floßes
zu zahlen
- PLN 300

300 zł