4 Days Stay

4-day Tourist Package

ACTIVE TOURISM PACKAGE: "Through the world with a 
horse ..." Number of days: 4 Geographical area: Ziemia Człuchowska Term: May - October Group size:a maximum of 32 people(up to 4 people
on a cart, 8 cars available) Trip organizer Portal: www.turystykaczluchow.eu What will you do? you will learn important practical and theoretical
tips in handling horses and carts,undergo training
related to the handling of the horse, its behavior,
construction and putting on the harness,take care
of our safe horse and drive the horse with a cart
on the road,Horse caravanning is a tourist adventure
in the Człuchów and Chojnice region.We are the only
ones who run such an activity.Tourists starting their
journey with caravanning come to the
"Klub Jeździecki Kawaleria - Hubal" in Wierzchowo
Dworzec, ul. Szkolna 2a (a town located 10 km from
Człuchów in the direction of Bydgoszcz). You can leave
your car here. On individual days you will visit
agritourism farms. The first station is in
Wierzchowie Dworzec (it's the starting station).
During the route, you will learn how to handle a
horse and a cart, gain theoretical and practical
knowledge related to the horse, as well as feel at
ease thanks to the equipment of the cart with:
4 places to sleep, a kitchenette with a gas stove,
a gas refrigerator, a sink, cutlery, pots , frying
pan, dishes, water tank as well as camping table and
camping chairs. We offer you, apart from fixed
night stations equipped with toilets with showers,
places for bonfires, fenced places for horses -
a well-stocked and covered Gypsy car.
When you come for a 4-day holiday in our area, you
can experience an amazing adventure with our safe
horses and learn how to care for a horse.
Knowledge in handling horses is not essential in
our summer offer, because we conduct extensive
theoretical and practical training in handling
horses and carts. Something for everyone! 4-day program The price includes: renting a horse with a cart, 3 nights in agritourism,
use of the toilet and sink with hot water in the
area of ​​agritourism, 3 breakfasts,
4 dinners, including one grill package Description: We invite you to a 4-day active rest in the Człuchów
region.We guarantee you learning how to handle
horses and carts.Walking through our field and
forest paths you will gain energy and a lot of
positive emotions. On the first day, we will focus on familiarizing
you with horse and cart handling (part I).
You will undergo extensive training at station I. On the second day, you will complete the training
related to horse and cart handling (part II).
Then a test drive is scheduled.You will cover the
shortened route of Wierzchowo - agritourism farm
(station no. II), during which you can admire the
flora and fauna of our surroundings and experience
an adventure with a safe and obedient horse. On the third day, you will set off on a day-long
journey from station II to station III.
While driving a cart,you can quickly achieve a
sufficient level of proper cooperation with horses,
acquire appropriate practical knowledge about horse
The last day is a full-day journey to the station
No. I. Being a few days on the cart, you can
combine business with pleasure. Our horse is a
friendly animal, not afraid of people.
Horse caravanning will allow you to rest and
relax, gain strength necessary for year-round
work as well as gain sufficient knowledge about
horses and horse riding. We hope you will
remember us well and come back to us as often as
possible. 1 DAY ** First acquaintance with the horse ** Getting to know horse and cart handling-part I ** Training ** Half board at an agritourism farm ** Overnight on a cart at station I DAY 2 ** Breakfast at the agritourism farm ** Getting to know horse and cart handling-part II ** Training ** Test drive ** Shortened ride Wierzchowo Dworzec - station No. II ** Half board at an agritourism farm ** Overnight in a cart at the station No. II 3 DAY ** Breakfast at the station No. II on the
agritourism farm ** Full-day drive to station No. III ** Half board at an agritourism farm ** Overnight in a cart at station No. III 4 DAY ** Breakfast at station III on the agritourism farm ** Full-day drive to station No. I ** Half board at an agritourism farm ** Return of the car by 4 p.m. ** Departure home
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Price of the 4-day package (the given prices apply
to a group of up to 4 people)

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03.10 – 20.10

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21.06 – 30.08

4-day itinerary

2070 PLN

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