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Cruise on the Hospital Lake


We invite you for a raft cruise on the Hospital Lake in Człuchów,(according to https://www.google.pl/maps/ - 
Człuchowskie lake). A recreational cruise begins and ends in Człuchów in a small marina at Dworcowa Street opposite the Castle.
The offer is valid from May 1 to September 28. There are 4 vessels, one can take up to 12 people, and up to
70 people at a time. The activity lasts approximately 50 minutes from Monday to Sunday
from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The cruise always starts on the hour. Tickets can be purchased at the raft service
or made a reservation by calling 500 227 332 or by writing to the e-mail: biuro@turystykaczluchow.eu.
The price for an adult is PLN 10 per cruise. Price for children and adolescents (upon presentation of a school ID) PLN 5 per cruise.
The raft is unsinkable and completely safe. Equipment includes: life-saving equipment: life jackets,
life rings. On the raft there is a tent roof, tables and chairs for 12 people. It is an unforgettable
water adventure. The starting time of the cruise is coordinated with the hours of entry to the castle tower, which allows
you to separate the participants of the trip into two groups - one can go on a tour of the Castle, which
lasts 20-60 minutes, while the other takes a cruise "History of Człuchów seen from the water . " The castle houses permanent exhibitions transferred from the Regional Museum in Człuchów.
The work of the Castle takes place from 10.00 to 18.00 from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday - closed).
The tower is open from 11.00-18.00. Entrances to the tower also occur at full hours. The first
group is admitted at 11.00 and the last group at 17.00.
The price of the admission ticket to the museum is:

- normal PLN 12,

- reduced PLN 8.

Please visit our website www.turystykaczluchow.eu.


We also organize events (birthday, company, special) of the Człuchów Lake and night cruises by torches.
As part of such an event, we organize catering at the client's request. A maximum of 48 people can
participate in our offer.From July 12, 2014 We invite you for an unforgettable raft cruise on the Rychnowskie
Lake.The cruise begins and ends at Lake Rychnowskie (at Al. Wojska Polskiego 64- City Beach OSIR Człuchów).
The cruise takes about 50 minutes and is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 to 18.00 for the price
of: PLN 20 - normal ticket, PLN 10 - ticket for children and school youth. Outside these hours, the price is PLN 120 / hour for renting one raft. You can take up to 12 people on one raft,
and up to 24 people at one time. We also deal with events at Lake Rychnowskie (organization of birthday, company
and occasional events as well as night cruises by torches).You can buy tickets at the raft staff. Contact tel. 500-227-332, e-mail:biuro@turystykaczluchow.eu You're welcome.