Event Raft

Event raft

Welcome on our site. We offer you a unique form 
of relaxation: Rafting on the Brda River, Horse
Caravanning, as well as Recreational Cruises on
the Człuchowskie and Rzewnickie lakes. We are the
only ones who conduct such activity. The raft has
comfortable benches and a table on board, allowing
for comfortable communing with nature. Freedom of
movement and the possibility of lighting the grill
while kayaking trip give relaxation a whole new
dimension. Our rafts allow you to go on a cruise
for a few days without being forced to stay on land,
which gives tourists the opportunity to commune with
nature both during the day and at night. Beautiful, natural forests and lakes in the vicinity
of Człuchów and Rzewnica are an ideal place in our
region to enjoy a sports holiday with friends.
The time devoted to our offer is not only relaxation,
rest, admiring the flora and fauna, but also good fun
and adventure for individuals, families or organized
groups. Event raft equipment: - Grill - Oars and pride - Safety vests - Mooring ropes - Pot with drinking water (30 liters) - Minesweeper - The ax - Anchor Rafting on the Brda River We also organize events (birthday, company and
special events) on board the rafts. A maximum of 48 people can participate in our offer. As part of such an event, we also organize catering
at the client's request.

8-hour trip for a maximum
of 12 people
12-hour trip for 
a maximum of 12
750 PLN Brutto
850 PLN brutto
Deposit payable when equipping the raft - PLN 300
Pickup + raft pickup
in price
Transportation of passengers in
both directions
PLN 300
Additional raft handling - 
two sides
35 PLN / hour /
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