6 Days Stay

6-day Tourist Package

ACTIVE TOURISM PACKAGE: "The horse always goes af 
amiliar way" Number of days: 6 Geographical area: Ziemia Człuchowska Term: May - October Group size: a maximum of 32 people(up to 4 people
on a cart, 8 cars available) Trip organizer Portal: www.turystykaczluchow.eu What will you do? you will learn theory and practice in handling the
horse, its structure and behavior,undergo training
related to horse and horse cart handling,lead our
safe horse with a cart on the roads,spend time
pleasantly with people who want to relax in the
bosom of nature, A horse-drawn caravan in the vicinity of Człuchów
and Chojnice is a tourist journey. We are the only
ones who run such an activity. This package is
designed for people who appreciate contact with a
horse, nature, the beauty of nature and peace.
On a Gypsy wagon you can rest, gain theoretical
and practical experience in driving a horse, and
have fun. The car includes 4 places to sleep, a
kitchenette with a gas stove, gas refrigerator,
sink, cutlery, pots, frying pan, dishes, water
tank, camping table, camping chairs. The car is
rainproof. The journeys take place between the
agritourist stations. The first farm is located
in Wierzchowo Dworzec in the "Kawaleria - Hubal
Equestrian Club" center at ul. Szkolna 2a
(town situated 10 km from Człuchów towards
Bydgoszcz) where you start your adventure with a
horse. The 2nd station is about 15 km away from
the 1st station, and the 3rd farm is about 14 km
away from the 2nd station.
The ride must be run by at least two people aged 18 
or over. Time spent on caravanning is not only
relaxation, rest, admiring flora and fauna, but also
good fun for individuals, families and organized
groups. 6-day program The price includes: renting a horse with a cart, 5 nights at agritourism farms, use of a toilet and a wash basin with hot water
in the area of ​​agritourism, 5 breakfasts in the agritourism area,
5 dinners, including one grill package; Description: We invite horse lovers to a 6-day active tourism
package, which will allow you to rest and regenerate
during your vacation. On the first and second day, there will be a
familiarization with the horse, horse and cart
handling. You will undergo extensive training
at station I. You will have a test drive. On the third day, you will set off on a day-long
journey from Station I to Station II. During such a
trip, you can consolidate practical knowledge in
handling the horse and cart. Relax walking along
forest, field paths. On the fourth day, you will make a full-day route from
station II to station III. While traveling by car,
you can cook and eat meals during the breaks. In the
evening, after an active day with the horse, there
will be a barbecue waiting for you among your loved
ones. On the fifth day, we offer a full-day ride from station
III to station I. The sixth day is the end of caravanning. After the
trip in our caravan you will be refreshed and relaxed
, you will gain a lot of energy and strength to act.
We hope that, after returning home, you will tell your
friends and family about our offer and that you will
be satisfied with such a holiday.
** First acquaintance with the horse
** Getting to know horse and cart handling -part I
** Training
** Half board at an agritourism farm
** Overnight on a cart at station I
** Breakfast at the agritourism farm at station I
** Getting to know horse and cart handling - part II
** Training
**   Test drive
** Half-day drive
** Half board at the agritourism farm at station I
** Overnight on a cart at station I
** Breakfast at the agritourism farm at station I
** Full-day ride from station I to station II
** Dinner at the agritourism farm at station II
** Overnight on a cart at station II
** Breakfast at the farm at station II
** All-day ride from station II to station III
** Dinner - grill package at station III
** Overnight on a cart at station III
** Breakfast at the agritourism farm at station III
** Full-day ride from station III to station I
** Dinner on the farm at station I
** Overnight on a cart at station I
** Breakfast at the agritourism farm
** Return of the car by 10.00
** Departure home

6-day package price (the prices shown apply to
a group of up to 4 people):

DATE 2021


03.10 – 20.10

26.04 – 23.05


24.05 – 20.06 

 31.08 – 02.10


21.06 – 30.08

6-day itinerary

2970 PLN

3400 PLN

3830 PLN

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